Review of Sophie’s Bingo

Who is Sophie, and why does she like bingo? Sophie is your kind hostess who would love to tour you around her site before leaving you to your own devices so you may enjoy 90-ball, 75-ball, and all the other types of bingo available on this site. Sophie, with her blonde hair, fair complexion, and youth, does not resemble the stereotypical bingo player. However, that is the beauty of online bingo: you never know who you’re playing against.

The banner image on the site of Sophie’s Bingo depicts a nighttime cityscape with a few stars glittering in the background. The site’s narrowness is the sole flaw in its otherwise attractive appearance. Remember how, around a decade ago, all websites were thin affairs that didn’t make full use of the page width because they weren’t responsively constructed, and there was a chance that a user with a tiny screen wouldn’t be able to see the whole site if the full width was used? Indeed, Sophie’s Bingo is among them.

Regarding Sophie’s Bingo

Sophie’s Bingo, the web’s tiniest bingo site, is further hampered by the fact that some portions of the site need Adobe Flash to function. Not only does this seem completely superfluous, but it also limits gamers’ access to the website. You will very surely be unable to access Sophie’s Bingo if you’re on mobile, and if you’re on desktop and using the Chrome browser, you won’t do much better. Normally, this would be considered unfortunate, but in reality, you are not losing out on anything.

Despite its pleasant protagonist, Sophie’s Bingo does not seem to be a location where one would like to spend more than three seconds. It should take you that long to evaluate the narrow gauge webpage, see the missing Flash portions, and decide, “Thanks but no thanks.” Sophie’s Bingo is a site operated by Cassava Enterprises, which owns gambling licenses given by the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. Assuming you’re using a browser that loads Sophie’s Bingo correctly and you opt to join up, you’ll find bingo, slots, and mini games.

Sophie’s Banking Style

Cassava Enterprises sites have traditionally been astonishingly awful at giving deposit and withdrawal information, and considering how the rest of Sophie’s Bingo’s site seems, you might be excused for assuming the worst. Your preconceived notions will be revealed to be entirely accurate. There is a link labeled Banking at the bottom of the webpage, but clicking it leads to a page filled with hundreds of pages of terms and conditions. Your sole method of navigation is to execute a page search. There are 101 occurrences of the word ‘deposit’ on this page; just enter it. This may take some time.

After many clicking and reading, you will learn that the site’s minimum deposit is £5, and above that, well, who knows, since no reasonable person will continue scrolling through all that legalese. It is far simpler to just look at the payment provider logos in the site’s bottom and assume, correctly or incorrectly, that deposit and withdrawal choices include PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Entropay, Paysafecard, and Neteller.

What are Sophie’s Bonuses?

When you make your first deposit at Sophie’s Bingo, you’re eligible to get up to £100 in bonus cash. What is the percentage of the welcome bonus? The website fails to clarify. It may be 10 percent, one hundred percent, or five hundred percent. The obvious approach would be to go to Sophie’s Bingo’s promotions website, where the answer may be located, right? Wrong. Keep in mind that this is a Cassava Enterprises website, and they don’t really create effective promotional sites. There is a page with that name, but it never gives enough information. First, the welcome incentive highlighted on the webpage is not even mentioned here.

Mondays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. is Happy Hour, which is mentioned in the text (but no details about what this involves). Other common Cassava Enterprises promos mentioned here include Weekender, which awards £700 in bingo prizes on weekends, and an occasional large game (or prize draw) that awards £10,000. If this review hasn’t made it clearly evident, the promotions page on each and every Cassava Enterprises website – hundreds of them – is terrible. Each. And. Every. One.

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