Review of Rehab Bingo

When you first lay eyes on this specific win-big-URL, you may question what the heck is going on. Someone is either having a good time or has forgotten all there is to know about appropriateness.

Bingo is far from being the plague of Western Civilization, and is not nearly as demonized as many other types of gambling when it comes to addiction. However, naming a website Rehab Bingo brings unwanted attention to the reality that some individuals develop an addiction to all sorts of gambling, including the age-old game of balls and calls.

Of course, a whole portion of the Rehab Bingo website is devoted to reminding players to’remain in control,’

with explicit comments on deposit limits and ‘Take A Break’ choices — via which users may choose to temporarily disable their own access for a period of one to six weeks.

While adhering to the necessary rules when it comes to preventing the emergence of dependence, you can’t help but think about Rehab Bingo anytime you read – or simply type – the words [shudder].

Obviously, whether or not you feel the same way relies on your feelings on the duty for preventing problem gambling lying on businesses rather than on customers.

Apart from that, there is little not to like about the website in question, which presents itself with a nice, clean, bright, and breezy homepage that contains all the elements necessary to entice people to continue beyond this initial sell and sign up for games and (fingers crossed) yet-untold riches.

Beginning at the top and descending downward, there is a massive banner graphic with information on excellent offers now available. Below this is a row of thumbnails for Slot Games, proving that this website is about more than bingo, and next to that is a rolling ticker of Progressive Jackpot winners.

The latter serves a dual purpose of informing you that there are accumulators available while also emphasizing the fact that a large number of people are concurrently playing online – this is what we’ve come to refer to as ‘the community factor,’ but that’s really just because we couldn’t think of a better term.


A navigation button is located in the upper left-hand corner of the homepage. To enter the bingo page, tap here and then pick ‘Bingo’. This isn’t quite as straightforward as it sounds – there is definitely a lot of bingo going on, but there are so many different possibilities that it may take a little bit to get accustomed to.

Rehab Bingo [shudder] promises to provide the most thrilling bingo games in the UK, with daily guaranteed sessions in addition to free games. It kept us occupied, with variations such as Chips & Giggles, Mad Hatters, Speed Bingo, and The Snug all offering unique takes on two fat women 88, legs 11, and the like.

The opportunities to win when playing bingo do not stop with bingo (hear us out). As they run games and call numbers, the bingo caller will also conduct ‘live chat games’ with the players. These games will be either number or word based. This is free to do and increases your chances of winning rewards, however it’s worth noting that these are often redeemed in the form of the website’s own ‘bingo money,’ i.e. credit.

Apart from numbers and balls, Rehab Bingo also boasts a respectable range of free slot games, some of which offer more than 243 chances to win every play. While the selection is unlikely to be enough to entice new players on its own, as a complement to the others, one would be hard pressed to grumble.

We had a blast playing Tarzan, Jungle Jim, and the delightfully dark and ghastly Lost Vegas,

but we didn’t have a chance to test them all, and there may be something better out there that we missed. Additionally, you may choose to play Casino Games, which include roulette, poker, and blackjack.

This distinguishes Rehab Bingo from the majority of other bingo websites, not just because of the increased selection, but also because the casino component is significantly more professional-looking than that of many competitors.

The Gold Series European Roulette was a particular favorite, as was Atlantic City Blackjack; both games evoked the atmosphere of being in a casino, with an aura of luxury and quality pervading every element of the game. Again, we did not exhaust all possible alternatives, but it’s comforting to know that what is available is, for the most part, of a very high grade.

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