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Now that American Idol wagering sites are easily accessible online, the enthusiasm surrounding the nearly 20-year-old show has been amplified significantly. The singing competition became a staple of American reality television in 2002, generating icons such as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and Katherine McPhee.

Fox announced that the fifteenth season would be the final one because Idol had become somewhat monotonous over the past few years. In 2018, ABC will produce the sixteenth and seventeenth seasons of the competition, which aired from April 2016 to April 2016.

Now, online bookmakers are once again establishing odds for the contest, presenting an outstanding opportunity for handicappers. American Idol might be the most lucrative of all the reality television competitions. Not only are the outcomes more predictable than on other programs, but you also have a small say in who triumphs!

American Idol Gambling Advice The Hometown Is Crucial
The public enjoys rooting for one of its own. Singing contests are no exception, which explains why Southern contestants have won the program 11 times out of 16 seasons, or 68.8% of the time. This is important information for American Idol wagering platforms.

The South has higher ratings for the talent competition, so it makes sense that performers from the region are overrepresented in the voting. You can also use this information to eradicate potential wagers.

None of the five American Idol winners who were not born in the South are from either coast’s main metropolitan areas. There have been no winners from the West Coast, including the Pacific Northwest, or from New York or New Jersey. Arizona, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Connecticut were the victors from outside the South.

It is evident that the audience is not particularly interested in contestants from liberal or elitist regions. It is important to consider this when visiting American Idol wagering websites.

Men win the majority of contests.
Men also appear to have an advantage when it comes to winning the program, though to a lesser extent than the southern bias. Ten of the sixteen champions have been male, or 62.5% of the time. The preponderance of non-Southern American Idol champions are males, as seven of the ten are from the South.

If you are considering placing a wager on a female participant, you should prioritize their hometown’s location in the South even more. Only two (33.3%) of the six female champions were born outside the American South.

The phenomenon of WGWG

However, not every elderly individual can win American Idol! A certain type of male contestant seems to perform well in the voting. “WGWG” stands for “white guy with a guitar,” as it has become a popular slang term for the program.

The only exception among the ten male champions is Ruben Studdard, who appeared during the show’s second season, when a larger portion of the country was viewing. Regardless of whether they consider themselves country or rock vocalists, the remaining nine males have similar techniques and play guitar.

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